Javascript Calendar Widget 1.08

Due to popular request, here is another minor update to the calendar that contains flags to setup Sunday as the first day of the week, and options to disable Saturday and Sunday, and since many complain that the first post containing the setup is confusing, here are the full options available for the calendar. Remember, all of this flags are optional, but must be defined before your include the javascript file.
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Javascript Calendar Widget v1.07

This is just un update for the original calendar script. It includes the american date format(year-month-day). It’s also the default setting now so if you need other formats you’ll have to play with the options. All the other stuff remain as in the first version, so you’ll find the documentation here.

You can download it here. A working example can also be found here (click on the input).

javascript calendar widget

This is a calendar to be used as a date picker, or date display. Can be used in as many instances as you want, with some handy options.
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There are 2 modes for the calendar: Strict and Loose. In strict mode, the calendar has the date selection limited, to a certain period defined in days(see flags & options for details). In loose mode, the calendar has the date selection unlimited.

You can choose the returned date format, as well as how the date should be filled back:full date in one input, or multiple inputs(see flags&options for details).

The look of the calendar is fully CSS customizable. You’ll find the css file in the .zip along with the js file (you’ll have to include both in your template) .

I’ve tried to make the calendar to serve as a stand alone script, but it can be easily be integrated in other projects, and you can even take the calendar’s development further if you need for a more specific job for it.



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web rss feeder ver1.0 alpha

Wouldn’t you like to display the rss feed from other websites/blogs in your own website or blog? Well, now you can with this simple, and easy to configure widget. You can see an example of how it works if you look in the right column (“Latest from BBC” section). Don’t worry, about the look. Since the content get appended to your own website(no iframes or other tricks) you can easily manipulate the look of your widget with the help of CSS.

You can get the code from here.

For CSS styling you should know the structure:

h2 -> item title.

p-> item description

#ct_logo -> id of the “powered by… ” at the bottom. If you don’t wish to display it, … display:none; should be enough.

All the elements are structured like this

<ul> <li><h2>Title</h2></li><li><h2>Description</h2></li>……</ul>

P.S. Being an alpha release, it means it still has a lot of things to be fixed, but it should do it’s job if configured properly. I have tested the widget wih IE5+, FireFox and Opera8. If you have any kind of problems, bugs to report, or just say thanks, drop a comment. Cheers.

Advanced Color Picker

A color picker that generates ~100.000 colors (98304 to be exact). Easy to integrate in your html files, and with some handy options too. Tested with IE6/7, FireFox 2 and Opera 9. For bugs or questions leave a comment.

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ACP documentation and examples cand be found here .